Jason, 8

Takes A Breather from CF at Disney

"Not only did my son who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis receive a Wish of a lifetime but my family and myself as well, as I too suffer from CF."  -Shelley (mom)

We are just getting back and we were not ready to leave. We had such an awesome time at Give Kids the World Village as well as all the many parks we visited during our stay. It was definetly great to take a breather from CF for a week and just relax and have fun.

Jason had sooo much fun that he can't wait to go to school to share all of the memories. 

We just want to thank you for this once in a lifetime experience for our family. This is something we will never forget. 

We took a mllion photos and videos during the trip. My husband is composing a video and a slide show of pictures to send. you should be recieving them shortly. I can't wait for everyone to see all the fun we had. Thank you again!!!

The Dobson-Butts Family