Memorial Wish

Robert (Bobby) Carver Wolter was born on March 18, 1981. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a town called Berwyn with his older sister and two younger brothers. Later in life, he loved and adored his half brothers and sister. He was very active as a child and participated in many sports such as soccer and swimming. Because he was so active in his younger years, he was not diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis until he was 11 years old. While the diagnosis was a shock, it never deterred him from doing what made him happy.

He graduated from Conestoga High School and later attended the University of the Arts where he received a degree in Music Performance, with percussion as his focus. Music had become a passion of his around the age of 13 and he played in many Philadelphia bands such as Love Syndicate, The Weeds, The Adrian Mowry Band, Shooting Ropes, Steph Hayes and the Good Problems and REDFORD. Later, as his health became more of a focus in his life, playing the drums had to take a back seat. Another passion of his was the Phillies and the Eagles. He was so excited when the Phillies won the World Series in 2009. He was in the hospital at the time but he had the entire floor cheering them on! He watched almost every Eagle’s game with his Pop Pop. One year they lost a playoff game to the Giants. He was so upset, he took Oscar (his dog who was always by his side), went home and straight to bed without eating dinner!

Bobby’s first full time job was with Urban Outfitters. His smile and infectious laugh was like a magnet to those he worked with. After Bobby passed away (August 22, 2009) “Team Bobby” was formed to participate in the annual Narberth CF Run. A dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working group from Urban led the way for Team Bobby to be awarded the largest group participation award in 2014.

Bobby was someone who lit up the room no matter where he was. He was always laughing and ALWAYS positive. Nothing got him down. Spending time with his friends, family and Oscar was of utmost importance to him, and, helping others who were in difficult situations.

A fellow CF’r, Brian McTear and Bobby created the blog Brian and Bobby which chronicled the remarkable friendship between Bobby and Brian. Bobby’s hope was that the blog would inspire kids and young adults who may have felt like they were struggling with the disease alone. He hoped that by publishing their correspondence they could reach other people who may be asking the same questions about the disease. “The real goal is to lift and inspire people in similar circumstances and show people that no matter where they may find themselves in life, you can get up every day and make a positive difference”. He also wrote thoughtful meditations on the nature of Cystic Fibrosis and what could be found in his experiences. Bobby hoped that at least part of each day for the rest of his life he could make a difference in someone’s life for the better.

Bobby would say “Every day, everybody has a choice. They can get up and be depressed, or turn it into something great”. This was a main mission his life. While some may have looked at him and felt sorry for him or think his life was horrible, Bobby saw his life as a journey, his experience.

"If you hold your index finger to your thumb that’s about how short life is. And I want to make the most of it with the people I love" xoxoxoxo Bobby